EVOLVE is an accessories project by makeup artist Alex La Marsh. She began making her own necklaces, simple pieces made of bone, gold, and silver, because she couldn’t find what she wanted on the market. While on photography sets, stylists would pull La Marshes’ jewelry off her and incorporate it into their fashion and beauty photography. People began stopping La Marsh in the street, wondering where they could by these beautiful pieces.

La Marsh officially launched EVOLVE this week at www.evolvebyalexlamarsh.com

About the origins of this collection, she says: “Always having had very strong ties to the earth and the life that stems from it, I grew up running wild in the dirt and the woods. I would pack my pockets full of the treasures I found along the way, sticks, stones and bones were the stuff of magic in my little faerie world.”

Photo credits:
Photographer: Elizabeth Valleau
Model/Creator: Alex La Marsh
Fashion: Tibi (red dress), Reformation (black coat), Etro (print dress), Vintage (blue jacket)
Accessories: EVOLVE
Hair and Makeup: Alex La Marsh


Can you tell us how you came to create the EVOLVE accessories line?

Originally, I started the line because I really wanted a simple jawbone necklace, and couldn’t find anything on the market, so I borrowed some tools and made myself one. Everything I found was really gothy or really hippy. Nothing simple or sleek. Making the first one was so fun I made myself a couple more. Almost immediately people started stopping me on the streets asking where to buy the pieces. I work as a makeup/hair artist for photo shoots and stylists would grab my jewelry off me on set to use in shoots. After a while of making custom pieces for stylists or friends I just decided to throw up a website so people could buy as they wanted. It’s been very fun and very surprising to me.

And so, if it’s not goth or hippie, what’s the aesthetic vision for EVOLVE accessories?
Aesthetically I want it to be clean, simple and for each piece to be a statement; something you could wear alone or that is easily layered. I take my cues from New York City street fashion. New Yorkers are so unique and creative with their fashion, it’s very inspiring. I’m currently working on 3 separate collections for the line. One sleek and minimal with blacks and silvers, one more romantic with golds and neutrals, one more rugged and military in feel.

evolve-alex la marsh by elizabeth valleau-4

You say that Evolve came from your desire to bring the faerie world of your childhood “into your current realm.” Can you expand on this a bit?
Growing up as a kid running wild in the woods my play world was rich with myth and legend from folk tales, urband legend and what I’d read from books. I’d collect sticks and rocks and bones along the way and arm myself with them. These are the things I look back on fondly and realized fashion is similar for adults. We arm ourselves with what we wear. It’s our statements on who we are, where we fit in, and sometimes how we protect ourselves. Evolve was me honoring that childhood joy, my roots in an adult way.

What materials are you using to make these pieces?

I use mostly gold, silver or pewter chain and hardware. I love the use of leather cords in different colors rather than chain. Animal bones, claws or teeth purchased from friends who are responsible hunters or native american reservation stores. I’ve branched into gold and silver leafing as well, which is a super fun new venture.

Would you say each piece has a story?

Yes absolutely. Each bone is unique, so no two pieces are exactly the same.

evolve-alex la marsh by elizabeth valleua

evolve-alex lamarsh by elizabeth valleau-1

If I were just looking for something simple, what would you suggest?

For those who want something simple I suggest one of the jawbones strung on leather and polished or the gold or silver tipped coyote or deer rib necklaces which are also strung on leather usually. They are light weight, simple, elegant and really make a statement.

EVOLVE by Alex La Marsh – All images courtesy