FACTION (fac·tion1 • ˈfakSHən/) is defined as a group of people forming a dissentious minority within a larger body. It is also a remarkable popup store on 125 Rivington Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and it’s closing Friday.

New York City designer Alex Koutny, known for minimalist handcrafted apparel and jewelry, created FACTION this May as a month-long showcase to feature new styles and couture items. The space was opened in partnership with Eleen Halvorsen, a Norwegian-born Parson grad known for conceptual design by way of intricate construction using precious materials, and TARA 4770, an accessories designer using bold yet minimal designs defined by a sculptural approach. The store, from the stark white walls to the patina of gray and black designer items, gives the impression that black is always the new black, and if you’re going to wear anything at all, it should be incredible.

The storefront at FACTION on Rivington and Essex in the Lower East Side

The storefront at FACTION on Rivington and Essex in the Lower East Side

FACTION is open through Friday only, but due to popular demand the storefront may extend another week. That said, this is not guaranteed, so you should probably get over their and see what Koutny, Halvorsen, and TARA 4779 have on the racks before it’s gone.

To connect with FACTION, head over to their Official Facebook Page.
Find Eleen Halvorsen at www.eleenhalvorsen.com
Connect with TARA 4779 at www.tara4779.com


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