Elma Beganovich is one half of the world-famous fashion and lifestyle blog Amra & Elma. Elma, a Georgetown attorney working in international arbitration, and her sister Amra, an economist working on World Bank Projects, both left the corporate world to turn their hobbies into a career.

Elma and Amra have been kind enough to talk to us in a 2-part interview about their creative vision, inspiration, and style secrets.
To connect to Amra & Elma head over to www.amraandelma.com

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Part I: ELMA

How did you get the idea of creating a fashion blog?

It actually started while I was in law school and working part-time. I needed a creative outlet, and this was a perfect project. We wanted to share our travels and know-hows in fashion and beauty with the outside world. 

How is it working with your sister?

Working with my sister is amazing because it’s all within the family. At the same time, it can be tough as we are very direct with one another and have the sort of “tough love” approach when we mess- up. 


What did you want you to do as a kid?

Actually, I wanted to be an astronaut. The idea was of crossing boundaries that others had set for me. In a way, that never changed. I have continued to challenge myself and go beyond of what is expected from me. 

How did you develop your personal style?

My style inspiration stems from my belief that you do not have to bare it all to feel desirable and that modesty leads to mystery, which is always so much more interesting. Thus, my style inspiration naturally gravitated toward Audrey Hepburn, whom not only kept her wardrobe elegant but her entire lifestyle was so classy and full of poise.


Would you describe yourself as a fashionista and why?

I would definitely say that I pay attention to the aesthetic and styling of my surrounding, and this is something that is of great interest to me but I would not be the one to call myself a fashionista. I will leave it up to my fans to decide on the labels.☺

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My main style inspiration comes from the glamour 
that was encapsulated in the 1950s’ Old Hollywood cinema. I preferred the poise of the ladies, the midi-skirts, the white gloves and the large curls embodied in the golden age of cinema; it’s that romantic mood that dominated style from the 1920s-1960s that moves me. 



You grew up in many countries, which one did you like the most and which one inspires the most to your own style?

Having lived in 7 countries, I can add that every place has its ups and downs. There is no one place that is just perfect. Having said that, my style inspiration is drawn from the old romance of Paris and modern style of New York. 

If you could do anything else, what would that be?

I would probably go back to my childhood fantasy of being an astronaut and exploring life beyond Earth, it’s that whole idea of exploring the unknown and moving boundaries that excites me ☺ 

Now you’re living in New York, which part of the city is your favorite?

My favorite part of New York is the Upper East Side, it reminds me of Gossip Girl, and it is the most “neighborhoodly” part of the city, i.e., its residents are not always in transit. 



If you would have to live with only one outfit, which one would that be?

It would probably have to be an LBD with a bit of lace, which can always make a woman feel just a little bit sexy and beautiful.