Amra Beganovich is one half of the fashion and lifestyle blog Amra & Elma. In 2011, she left her career as an economist working on World Bank Projects to start blogging with her sister Elma.

Amra and Elma have been kind enough to talk to us in a 2-part interview about their creative vision, inspiration, and style secrets.
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Part II Amra

What inspired you to start Amra&Elma?

It happened by accident – my friend from Sweden and I were exchanging beauty tips over the phone. She told me about a beauty “potion” she discovered through a friend, and it involved crushed aspirin along with other ingredients combined into a facemask to cure jet lag. I thought that this might be something others would like to know about, and so that same night I stayed up all evening to create a blog. Within the first three months, we received over 150,000 unique monthly visitors and were blown away at the fact that anyone other than our family was willing to read our posts. Today, our readers come from all over the world, from United States, to Europe and Asia. We still read all of our comments and try to answer everyone; all the support that we receive means just as much today as it meant on the first day we started writing our posts.

How does it feel to work with your sister?

My sister and I are very different; she is more the analytical mind, and I am the creative type; however, we are each other’s biggest fans. What I am most thankful for is to share this journey with her; it has made me embrace our (sometimes) differing point of view and see it as a source of strength. I believe that the best teams are often made-up of people with entirely different set of skills.


What is the difference between fashion and style?

Fashion focuses on (current) trends; style is eternal. You can see a photo of women like Brigitte Bardot or Jackie Kennedy 40 years after it was taken, and still admire their style. Their ensembles are as relevant today as they were back then; they are timeless. Although I often follow “fashion” trends, I have developed deep appreciation for women (and men) with style.

What themes inspired your fall series?

Central Park completely transforms in the fall. As I live right next to it, I try to take advantage of the beautiful scenery to capture autumn images. Also, I love photographing knits, hats, and other fall basics; I feel like this season lends itself for the best styling as you can often layer many pieces at once.

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Who are you influenced by?

We are all influenced by someone. It may be our family or a celebrity, but many of us are constantly in search of inspiration. I am often influenced by what I see on Instagram or in old movies; I am obsessed with ‘70s and ‘80s flicks, and I adore movies like Weird Science, Love Story, and The Breakfast Club. Also, I love visiting museums and galleries for inspiration, and I try to make time for some “cultural activities” at least once or twice a week.

You’ve lived in many countries. Which one inspires your style the most?

I feel like every country has something interesting in regards to the styling of the people that live there. I love the way that Brits incorporate plaid into some of their traditional designs, I enjoy the simplicity of French women’s makeup and hair, and I adore the ease with which American women can often pull off the simple cardigan or a sweater. I also love effortless boho-chic style of Spanish women, and how Blakan girls never visit a convenience store without neatly styling their hair and putting on some lipstick.

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How is your style different from Elma’s?

My style is inspired by the late sixties and seventies. I am drawn to beach hair, maxi dresses, and (generally) easy and comfortable clothing. Although my styling may vary with my mood, I am very much a fan of vintage, boho pieces, or simple timeless items like a moto jacket, jeans, and boots. Elma is very inspired by the fifties and early sixties, and likes to wear dresses and other lady like pieces. She is more of a “classic girl.”

If someone would give you the opportunity to change the style of the citizens of one city in the world, which one would that be?

Why would we want to change anyone’s style? I am afraid that if we did that, we may rob some people of their inspiration. What may not be appealing to me, may be perfectly fitting for others. Many well known designers have been inspired by traditional/folk clothing of people, everywhere from Central Asia to South Africa.

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What’s your favorite accessory you can’t live without?

Sunglasses – I never leave home without them. Even on a rainy day, I like to carry a pair with me. They have the power to transform any look, but are also great in shielding my eyes from the sun or the wind. I have very sensitive eyes, and they tend to tear-up as the weather gets cooler.

If you could be someone else for one day, who would that be?

I would love to be a Buddhist monk for one day and live in Himalayas. I feel like this would be a revitalizing, life changing, and an enlightening experience. I believe I would learn about just how little we really need to be happy and fulfilled.


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