Lisa Shahno’s use of geometrics in her gothic, nearly S&M infused designs. In order to “understand and feel the beauty of the shapes,” Shahno imagines three-dimensional pieces rather than sketching in 2D. Through studying design Shano experienced the transition from flat to fully formed pieces, and it is the journey of this conversion which she displays in her work.

Based in Moscow, Russia Shahno experiments with the square divided by the diagonal. Her 2012 collection, “The Iteration” draws inspiration from the Fractal Cosmology Theory, stating that “universe may consist of infinite number of levels which are similar to each other but different in scale.”

Her latest accessory collection, “Polyiamond” is a faux leather geometric waist pack composed of twenty-two equilateral triangles. The piece is meant to hold an individual’s deepest secrets and poses the question “are people the same inside?”