The self-taught designer-fabricator and comic book illustrator Clare Whittingham aka “Clare Whitt” could make something worthy of a Paris runway out of a pile of metal, lace curtains, and a crack lighter. It’s proven. Whitt, who left the formal education system for an engineering apprenticeship, is a big fan of spikes, steel, and challenging the preconceptions of femininity. Her work is at once overwhelming with industrial and militaristic ideals and gothic religious iconography, yet arresting due to it’s obvious sensuality and beauty. Her website is full of lighting bolt rings, chestplates, and her comic book illustrations. I could stare all day.

Recently profiled by This Is The Machine: “Her creations have been described as serving to confront social issues such as femininity, equality and subservience, through her ‘beautifully shields of distraction’ concept. Her collaborations include Rachel Freire and Vidal Sassoon among others.” Whitt is also in the latest issue of Delux Digital. She’s got an Etsy here.

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