While many New Yorkers, Londoners, and other gray-city dwellers don their shades year round, the summer time is a perfect excuse to indulge in a new pair (or two). The 2012 spring eyewear collection by Elizabeth and James is an ideal starting point to increase the size of a sunglasses stash, based on their unique color palette, original silhouettes, and uncompromising quality. It is within this collection one is sure to discover something out of the ordinary.

With many of the glasses bearing names from the streets of New York City’s West Village, an immediate 60s and 70s nostalgia is brought to style. The “Kendall” in Burnt Orange offers a disco funk, while the “Wooster” in Mother of Pearl is reminiscent of Lenon’s rose-colored lenses, and the androgynous “Horatio” in Sea Foam could be imagined on Ginsberg or Nico. For cleaner cut, more traditional looks the “Lexington” shade in a classic Black or the “Rhoda” in a muted Tortoise are just a few of our favorite choices.