Marit Fujiwara, owner and designer of Tanana Takite, is a little-known but largely rising textile talent. She can be compared to the likes of dynamic design-duo, Rodarte, for her edgy silhouettes and elaborate pleating details, and to the ultimate designer of all things beautiful, for the sophisticated rawness and organic nature of her pieces – Mother Nature.

With a collection of mixed media and constructive textiles, Marit crafts the most uniquely delicate, yet intensely detailed pieces that beautifully blur the lines between fashion design, art and craft. Her experimental designs, which she bases on her own original illustrations, combine traditional marbling printing techniques with embroidery and fluid fabric manipulation.

For her graduate collection for the Chelsea College of Art and Design, entitled ‘Wound,’ Marit created a series of ethereal dressings that evoke the essence of intricate human skeletal frames and watercolor trees enveloped by multicolored moss that have overgrown their canvas.

You can view more of Marit’s creative custom designwork in her portfolio on the Behance Network or through the Tanana Takite Flickr Photostream.