Sprinting away from an upper middle class life, a four bedroom home on a suburban cul-de-sac to live an underprivileged lifestyle as a working artist in New York City, I would normally assume an aversion to a brand named “Upper Metal Class.” Founder and lead designer of the Portland based jewelry line (her name is T) says the title is based on her work and strife to reach a better lifestyle than the one she grew up with, noting an Upper Middle Class ideal.

I interpret the name differently.

Thinking of it as an homage to metal music, the perfect sound of rebellion in a tranquil suburb that now cuts even more cruelly than the once feared hip-hop genre, is all I needed to get on board. The pieces reach the upper most points of my ears, as I continuously poke holes in my lobes, and the tiny studs of “Upper Metal Class” call for ideal mix and matching. Made of metal and citing a grunge vibe, T’s pieces are pure, simplistic class, almost elegant in their daintiness, but falling short due to their bad-ass edge.

Plus, her bronze studs range between $30 – $60 dollars a pair, so you don’t need to be Upper Middle Class to get enough to fill your lobes.

Images courtesy of UpperMetalClass.com