We received this beautifully composed film by Eric Schneider of Mutable Films in collaboration with Eleen Halvorsen and Seiji Uehara.
In addition to the film we had a quick chat with Eric…

This video touches on ideas of time and our processing of it and how that relates to concepts of order and emotion. Dreams, deja vu, lost recollections and errant thoughts, for example, all relate to time and our processing of it.

I was inspired by Eleen Halvorsen’s strong design elements and clean aesthetic. She was also extremely patient with me, and my slow process in editing this too! lol. I normally don’t take that long to finish a piece so I appreciate her and my teams allowing me to be slow about it this time.
Was excited to work with Seiji Uehara and the rest of my team again. They were amazing.

New ideas/projects you want to explore next?
Am in pre-production on several little shorts, some on film and some on digital, based on similar concepts. I am also looking to get together a show and a book based on similar themes in the near future.

What words/places/faces/ attracts your interest and sparks you creativity right now? Or perhaps any “rituals” in your daily life that seems to get your work flow going?
Habits: I find that leaving the city helps me get my head together. Just got back from a trip down to the beach in Eastern Shore, Maryland, and that did wonders to give me the space, mentally and emotionally, that I don’t get in the city as much.

Have been inspired, lately, by the poetry of Lola Ridge, Raymond Carver and Wallace Stevens, the music of Xiu Xiu, Swans, and Burning Airlines. The paintings of Alberto Burri, Arthur Quartley  and He Sen.

Directed, cinematography and editing: Eric Schneider
Creative Direction & Hair: Seiji Uehara
Makeup: Sarah Fiorello
Clothing designs and Styling: Eleen Halvorsen
Models: Sasha T. and Nastya S. @ APM Models
Assistant Camera: Chris Cruz
Production Assistant: Tori McGraw
Assistant Editor: Tori McGraw
Post Consultant: Mitzi Ly
Special Thanks to Ty Pike

mutablefilms.com  @nycdp

eleenhalvorsen.com  @eleenhalvorsen