INTERVIEW: Blogger Elma Beganovich talks style

by /November 5, 2015

Elma of AMRA&ELMA left law to pursue her career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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“sensual” by Lynette Luna

by /November 3, 2015

Stunning lingerie editorial featuring Jordan Grigg

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“I am woman” by Matt Licari

by /November 2, 2015

A 1970's inspired editorial featuring hallie hutchinson, styled by lauren abbondola

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“Backstage Pass” by Jorge Cal

by /November 1, 2015

Stunning fashion editorial featuring Sylwia Koronkiewicz, styled by Ana Barata

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“Bone Through The Cracks” by Ashley Garner

by /October 28, 2015

A shadowy and sublime photo series by Photographer/Model Ashley G Garner and Art Director Taylor Zahn

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“Autumn Blooming” by Zuzana Breznanikova

by /October 27, 2015

Stunning Beauty editorial featuring Julia W., Hair and Makeup by Zoe Arena

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by /October 26, 2015

Fall fashion editorial with Victorian vibe featuring Sophia Reynal, styled and photographed by Leonid Gurevich.

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“Night Sky” by Felix R. Krull

by /October 24, 2015

Stunning editorial shoot from Saint Petersburg featuring Evelina Shevyrina

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“Fangda” by Theresa Hong

by /October 23, 2015

“Fangda” by Theresa Hong Crew Credits: Photographer – Theresa Hong Hair & Makeup – Michael Angelo...

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“Jump(man), Jumpman” by Megan Ann Wilson

by /October 22, 2015

“Jump(man), Jumpman” by Megan Ann Wilson Crew credits: Creative Director and Stylist – Megan Ann Wilson...

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Interview: Melissa Rodwell talks about “Noir C’est Nuit”

by /October 20, 2015

For 30 years Melissa Rodwell has worked as a photographer, attaining a list of magazine credits...

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