Photographer Tal Shpantzer and jewelry designer Ayaka Nishi  are a match made in a primal, haunting underworld. Both artists have consistently taken inspiration from nature and the human form. Shpantzer’s photography carefully walks the line between fashion editorial and documentary. Her collaboration highlights the beautiful work of Nishi subtlety, speaking to the human in the brand.


On her own work Shpantzer stated in Greenpointers magazine, “I like to communicate, reveal and explore darker states of being in my personal photo work: I love it when a simple raw and unpretentious moment can reveal complexities, evoke imagined histories, and hidden truths. I am always truly intrigued when a dialog emerges from what appears to be the simplest of moments, from states of uncertainty, and transience.” This philosophy is reflected in her creative use of cropping and the model’s body to highlight the jewelry.


Ayaka Nishi’s work is known to be organic and beautifully macabre. She takes natural forms and makes them into luxurious accessories. It is possible that Nishi’s and Shpantzer’s aesthetic ideal fall from the same tree. Both elevate existing beauty that naturally occurs. When looking at their work side-by-side, it makes a world of sense why these two artists would collaborate, and why we are already craving more.


Connect and check out  Tal Shpantzer’s work at http://www.talfoto.com/ and Ayaka Nishi at http://www.ayakanishi.com/