“THE NEW BEAUTIFUL” Halloween Special by Liz Bullen

Crew Credits:
Photographer : Brice Dossin
Creative Director : Liz Bullen
Hair Stylist : Sergio Villafañe
Make-Up : Emiliee Bak
Body Hair Stylist : Judith Scotto

Presented in the form of a Beauty editorial, a medium that traditionally vehicles contemporary ideals of beauty, this series spoofs our cultural fascination with transformation, a value that generally pushes the published image of women away from their natural beauty and towards a fiction only achievable through transformative consumer products, treatments, and surgical interventions.

“The New Beautiful” also challenges our relationship with body hair, and aims to playfully remind us that pilosity, which in today’s society is viewed as being unsavory, is actually historically and biologically linked to both sensuality and sexual potential.

With this series we have imagined a girl naturally doted with abundant body hair… and she loves it ! Instead of succumbing to market pressures that would otherwise push her to complex about this excess pilosity, instead it makes her feel sensual and empowered, because body hair is sexy!