Renowned and revered for his sartorial interpretations of fairy-tales and the everyday made perverse, for Spring / Summer 2015 Thom Browne’s theatrical instinct to tell a story was realized in manicured set and a familiar voice overheard.

On Mondays we wear suits. Suits of melted oil paints and fallen leaves, raincoat sheers and felted flowers; and at the weekend we wear nothing but our skin. Diane Keaton narrated a tale of six sisters who indulge in the pleasure of dress codes, a whimsical exploration of feathers and fur within the confines of sisterly rules. Around Stepford trimmed hedges they teeter in sinister formation under the weight of coned hats and folded satin lengths, beneath tailored coats of rainbow wash and ornate silk.
Statues in marble wash perch on plinths and stilts in quiet contemplation over this twee suburb with its canned birdsong and too green grass. Suited Daisy’s and sunbathers and shuttlecock framed faces standing in silent tableau to Thom Browne’s eternal Summer.

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New York Fashion Week SS15 – Thom Browne Images by Robin Siegel

1 Thom Browne - eye makeup and nails

3 Thom Browne - clothes on rack

13 Thom Browne runway2

Thom Browne - tombs25 Thom Browne runway9 Thom Browne - makeup guide cards10 Thom Browne - model in makeup

Thom Browne — New York Fashion Week SS15