Bristol’s haunting Kraut / Synth trio BEAK> is set to release their sophomore LP entitled BEAK>> on contributing member Geoff Barrow’s own INVADA label on July 2nd. For those not in the know, Barrow is better known as the mastermind / producer behind Portishead.

Formed in 2009 by Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller, and Matt Williams, BEAK> released their debut self-titled LP BEAK> in November of the same year.  The new album, much like the last, was recorded live in one room with no overdubs or repair, using only cut-up techniques culled from various edits to craft its arrangements. The band has toured in the UK and the US, with one-off gigs as well, including (among others) festivals like All Tomorrow’s Parties ’10 Years of ATP’ and Barcelona’s Primavera Sound in 2010. Both of which I was fortunate to attend, bearing witness to their spooky, offbeat live performances.

Reviews frequently harp upon their influences, drawing easy comparisons to CANNeu! and other Krautrock luminaries. Though while the band acknowledges their inspirations it’s not difficult to recognize that they’ve discovered their own strain of repetitive dark minimalism, eerie organic synth-atmospheres, and gracefully impassive vocals.

New Track “Yatton” features strict motorik drumming, minimal pulsing synths, and slap-delay vocals. Also check out the heavy / smoldering vibes on “Wulfstan”  – the title track from a 4-track EP released  in the wake of their first record.