Chelsea Wolfe released a glimpse of her forthcoming album “Abyss” this week, which is set to drop this summer on Sargent House. Filmed in and around Dallas, TX and at Elmwood Recording Studio, the album trailer starts off with a high pitch electrical sound followed by a softer resonance.

“Abyss is meant to have the feeling of when you’re dreaming, and you briefly wake up,” says Wolfe. “But then you fall back asleep into the same dream, diving quickly into your own subconscious.”

Collaborating with co-writer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Chisholm, drummer Dylan Fujioka, Ezra Buchla on viola and guitarist Mike Sullivan, Wolfe has created an album arousing both anxiety and deep longing, leaving us ravenous for more.

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Chelsea Wolfe – “Abyss” Album Trailer and all images courtesy of the artist