If you checked our blog last week, you’d know Brooklyn-based, internationally-known DJ duo CREEP—comprising Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard; it’s easy that they’re both named Lauren!—dropped an awesome, otherworldly new clip for their single with Lou Rhodes, “Vertigo.” And if you haven’t seen that yet, you need to watch it right this second. The fabulous pair will not only be spinning their darkly danceable tunes at our CEREMONY issue launch party tomorrow night, but they were kind enough to chat with us about their inspirations and their creative process. There’s nothing we love more than being clued in on how our favorite artists and collaborators tick. RSVP to attend on the Facebook event page by clicking this link and read our interview with CREEP below. The debut album, Echoes, is out November 12.


Beautiful Savage: What is your upcoming debut about? How did it form? How do the two of you collaborate when you’re recording?

Lauren Flax: It’s hard to say what the album as a whole is about, but as far as the process, I usually start songs and then pass them along to Dillard. We pretty much go back and forth until it’s completed. In that process, usually a singer will come to mind that we will want to work with. After the song is completed, that’s when we will record the vocals.


How do your music videos take shape? There’s always a dreamlike quality to your visuals. Do you both come up with the visual concepts or do you put that in the hands of the directors?

LF: Dillard is very involved with all of the visuals. We collaborate with different directors. It varies: sometimes it’s 100% their concept and others it’s a collaboration.
Lauren Dillard: Yes, I like to be involved with all of the graphics and visuals with CREEP, but as Flax said, sometimes it varies! For instance, with “Vertigo,” the video was solely the brainchild of Ellen Frances, the director. For our next video, I will be collaborating pretty much 50/50 with the director.

Your music is very precise and well-produced. I’m curious: How integral is discipline and structure to your creative process? Do you have rules, guidelines, etc, when making music, or do you throw those out the window?

LF: It’s the opposite. We don’t really follow any rules, and that can be quite difficult for people that are used to structure.
LD: Yeah, we don’t set out to make something that “sounds” like anything, but thus far, we have been drawn to cleaner sounding instrumentation and production.


What are some of your daily rituals? Feel free to share as much as you wanna share!

LF:Shutting the brain down for just 10 minutes a day seems to prove helpful to body, mind, and soul, so I’d say meditation is a new ritual for me.
LD: I don’t have many concrete rituals unless you count having my morning coffee or watering my house plants (laughs).

As professional DJs, you either have broad and ever-expanding or super-specific music tastes. That said, what are some albums/artists/concepts you’re into right now?

LF: Honestly, I’m so deep into DJing again that it’s mostly deep house that I’m actively seeking right now.
LD: I have been getting back into old no wave records and more experimental stuff. As far as a “current” band, go check out Factory Floor. They’re from London and they’re amazing!


Saturday 9/14 at Hotel Chantelle

Saturday 9/14 at Hotel Chantelle

Join us at our Launch Party!

Join us at our Launch Party!

CREEP PHOTO CREDITS: Pablo Tapia-Pla & Lee O’Conner; Courtesy of Facebook; Kate Belm; Shervin Lainez.

For more information on CREEP, check out their website and Facebook page.