Directed by acclaimed photographer Pieter Hugo, ‘Dirty’ is the second single from DOOKOOM’s second EP entitled Silbi Dog. DOOKOOM is a South African hip-hop slash Afrikaans musical group who first gained notoriety when white civil rights organization AfriForum lobbied the Human Rights Commission to ban their 2014 single “Larney, Jou Poes,” which translates in Afrikaans to “Hey Boss, Fuck You.” Isaac Mutant, the front-man, sang on Die Antwoord’s first studio release.

pieter hugo x dookoom - dirty

According to director Pieter Hugo, ‘Dirty’ is about “the lack of acknowledgment in the coloured [mixed black/white South Africans] community of the homosexual nature of [South African] prison gangs.” ‘Dirty’ depicts a carnal portrait of a man gone feral, reduced to the most limbic sexual impulses.

“DIRTY” – Pieter Hugo x DOOKOOM – All media courtesy
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