THE FEVER is a video collaboration between South African singer Jeri Silverman and Czech artist Radka Salcmannova. The song comes from Silverman’s debut EP entitled “Leaflike,” which is composed of 5 original tracks and a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mack. Featured musicians include Adam Christgau (Tegan & Sara, Troye Silvan) on drums, and noted producer Dan Romer(Ingrid Michaelson, A Great New World) on bass.

“I am deeply attached to this song, said Salcmannova. “Besides of the fact that Jeri is a talented singer, the song captures something that is difficult to describe. When our ego dominates us, pushing us in many directions, rather than what we desire in our core. It’s a natural process of struggle. We artists want to achieve something so we push it so hard and go forward absolutely blind. I wanted at first to do a realistic narrative, but decided this abstract form, visually beautiful and deep, with some dark parts that are not always obvious how to interpret.”

the fever by jeri silverman

THE FEVER by Jeri Silverman x Radka Salcmannova – All media courtesy