After critic favorites “Lungs” (2009) and “Ceremonial” (2011), it was relatively quiet around Florence & The Machine, but with the third album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” Florence Welch and her band has finally returned. In collaboration with producer Markus Draven (who has worked with major artists such as Bjork, Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, and Coldplay), Welch has created an album that is immense, hot, and predominantly organic. The album also includes contributions from Paul Epworth, Kid Harpoon, and John Hill.

Four years after the album “Ceremonial,” Welch is still obviously a hopeless romantic. The lyrics revolve mainly around the same theme, it concerns the love that ended, the love that is or will be, and more introspective about how to become mentally stronger. “I was very vulnerable when we started making this album, and because of that, this is the most personal record I’ve ever made,” Welch tells BBC Radio 1.

“Holding on for your call. I can never let go. I’m gonna be free, I’m gonna be fine. Maybe not tonight,” Welch sings with her mighty voice that’s filled with tenderness and sensitivity. We can’t wait to finally hear the complete album that releases on Monday June 1st on Island Records.