Brooklyn-based ÆON RINGS (formerly Night Vision) are getting ready to drop their much-anticipated debut EP, Floods, via Synth Records in early 2014. The darkwave/synth pop duo are Davey Partain (vocals, synths) and Chuck Flores (synths), and once you’ve heard their single “Drowning,” you will definitely want to hear more. If you have an appreciation for the dark and dramatic, Dave Gahan, and dystopian/futuristic films, ÆON RINGS may be right up your alley, but don’t take just my word for it. See them live for yourself next month at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery and stay tuned to their Facebook page for info on their album release date.

ÆON RINGS will be opening for CREEP and Narcisse at Beautiful Savage Magazine’s show on January 7, 2014, at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. You can buy tickets for the show here and check out our interview with Davey about the duo’s influences, what makes for a memorable live performance, and their upcoming EP, below.


Beautiful Savage: How did you two meet?

Davey Partain: Chuck had actually moved into the apartment I was already living in with his other roommates and we just started hitting it off. Noticed there were about 3 synths in Chuck’s room as well, hah.

Do you come from musical backgrounds?

Davey Partain:
Chuck had studied classical piano growing up and also started getting into guitar/bass a bit. I had started playing guitar at age 10 when I discovered heavy metal and it kind of became an obsession. During that time, I played trumpet in school bands from 6th grade on through after high school in marching, concert, and jazz band. I had also picked up bass and drums pretty well from practicing in multiple metal bands throughout growing up.

You recently changed your name. What does ÆON RINGS mean to you and how did you come up with the new name?


Davey Partain: Well aeon means an “age” or translated also into “forever”. So ÆON RINGS to us is meant in a verbal sense as in “forever rings” … resonating and ringing out eternally. It sounded great to us and fairly profound so we stuck with it.

You’ve mentioned Blade Runner and Tron as some of your cinematic influences, and the first time I heard your single “Drowning,” I instantly felt your music belonged in Drive. Are there other films that have inspired you?

Drive is a big one for us as well. We do gravitate toward the more intense and futuristic/fantasy styles. I always loved music in general for taking my mind someplace else than where it was presently at. So I think soundtracks like Blade Runner, Tron, Terminator 2 and so on really accomplish that mystical fantasy that lets you escape. Even if it is a little menacing. We like that kind of thing.

I saw you guys perform a couple years back under your old name, and I have to say it was one of the most energetic and passionate performances I’ve seen in recent years, unlike some acts that tend to just stand there. Where do you get all your energy from and what’s your favorite part of playing live?

Davey Partain: Nothing is worse than going to a show and not taking a single thing from it after you leave. You could’ve saved your hard earned money and just put it on blast at your house and it would’ve been the same thing.

Not ONLY that, but I can’t imagine for the artists themselves it’s very much fun either. Again, I grew up with looking up to rock stars who put on a REAL performance. Though my taste in music definitely evolved into something quite different. I never let go of the core belief that as a musician you are ALSO a performer. Take some pride in your appearance and live act and give the people something that’ll stick.

If you could go on tour with any band (past or present, assuming time travel was possible), who would it be with?

Davey Partain: That’s a bit of a tough question actually. We have so many influences that do NOT sound like us and we would never be put on a bill with. But given we lived in a perfect world where people are more open minded than just 1 flippin style of music. I’d definitely love to tour/play a show with Depeche Mode, Ladytron, The Faint. Hell even touring with Motley Crüe or something would be the ultimate party tour. I’m 30 now and I gotta be honest. Bands like that just brought the fun in their hay day. Maybe it’s just NYC is too cool, but you don’t see people dance and party anymore and it bums me out. Aren’t we supposed to be having fun here?

Can you tell us about the recording process for Floods and what we can expect from your first album?

Davey Partain: A lot of the recording process is just done at home separately with Chuck and I coming up with riffs basslines and melodies on our own and emailing them to one another. We’ll then take notes and say “try this instead of this etc” then finally come together for a good brainstorming power through work session and vocals typically come last for us. Although in recent developments I’m starting to get out of that and pitch vocal melodies first.

This EP should be a really great blend of modern dynamic darkwave dancey tracks that still touch on the melancholy but beautiful and powerful. I’m pretty proud of it and think it transitions nicely from what our influences are into what we are achieving to become progressively.

Since it’s that time of year, what songs or albums are at the top of your end of year list for 2013?

Davey Partain:
Definitely was the year of Black City Lights, Footprintz, Com Truise, and Teeel for me. They’re a bit lighter sounding than us but phenomenal synth sounds and songwriting by these guys. Gave me the most inspiration for song development and jamming out in 2013.


ÆON RINGS Photo Credits: Courtesy of Facebook

For more information on ÆON RINGS, also check out their Twitter and SoundCloud.