Onstage, Brooklyn-based feminist rocker Deanna Viva Garcia is a force of nature. Her beats are infectious, trendsetting, and backing lyrics that flow smooth and rough all at once. This electro-pop solo act is more than just a striking face; she’s on a mission to wake people up to gender equality, and to make them dance like beasts while they’re at it.

Garcia may be a one woman show on the underground DIY scene, but her songs are full of depth and craft. Leave your dancing shoes behind, and turn it up in your bedroom—you won’t regret it. You can follow Garcia’s Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/deannavivagarcia

Deanna Viva Garcia – Ultravibe from Ursula Mann on Vimeo.

How is being a musical artist amongst the art scene?

I feel like music is sort of the “life blood” of the art scene. Whether music is at the forefront or in the back, there’s definitely always an undercurrent of the importance for the music of the time.

What does it mean to be a “Bad Bitch”?

[Laughs] You know a bad bitch can be many different things. I think a bad bitch is just a woman who understands her power or a person who really understands their feminine power.

Deanna Viva Garcia

Deanna Viva Garcia

What does your music have to do with feminism?

Well my music is feminist for sure—and deals a lot with female power and feminine power plays.

Are you trying to send a defining message through your work?

I think music–the way that music comes out of me and the way it comes out of most people– and if you’re doing it right, I think it’s some sort of subconscious message and you put some conscious overtones over it or stylized overtones–or maybe even trendy but it’s sort of an unconscious communication on a tribal, guttural level.

Okay, so when did you know this was something you had to do in life in order to feel fulfilled?

When I was little I always wanted to be on stage, and being in bands and making music was the fastest way that I could do that instead of auditioning for parts in musical theater and what not. I just found the fastest way to express myself and be seen and heard. I could just make something and show up to a show or a party with it and perform.

Do you identify your music as female-dominated or is it for anyone who identifies with what you’re trying to put out there?

My music is for anyone, but, more importantly, it’s for feminists no matter what body or shape or form they’re in.

Do you ever think of throwing in the towel when you hit a rough patch–does that ever cross your mind?

To give up on music? No. I need to make music.

deanna viva garcia-1

You’re always surrounded by powerful creative women; Does it just happen or is it an energy you all have in common that places you together?

I think it’s the latter. I think most of the people I associate with are all a part of the same spirit and gearing themselves towards creating whatever their art is. We just so happen to be lucky enough to have these things seamlessly intertwined. You know the definition of zeitgeist.

Are you happy with where you are?

I like the music that I’ve made and I want to like all of the things I make in the future even more. I want them to speak to however I’m feeling then and in my future life. But I want more; I always want more.

Okay so just shoot me some off-the-top-of-your-head babbling about music, about you personally, about how you feel currently–or about anything.

I was just having a conversation with some friends about feminism and how some female artists who don’t admit to being a feminist, as if it’s some sort of bad thing, but are one and I feel like that can be weird and detrimental to young females who look up to them–especially if it’s bigger icons and voices in the artistic community. I feel like that happens because there are still so many women–or just people in general who don’t accept feminism as something that they are doing–as something that they are. I think it’s really important to say, and to be, and to think about. I don’t know if I fully defined for myself what feminism means but I think it’s really important to meditate on.

Okay last cheesy question. What are three things you want the world to know about you?

I’m awesome [Laughs]. No but really, Sometimes I get shy and private and I’m a feminist

INTERVIEW: Bad Bitch Deanna Viva Garcia / All images & media c/o the artist