CREEP’s Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax originally met on the now defunct social media site Friendster, and followed that up by going to a Japanese burlesque show together at Piano’s in the Lower East Side. Dillard and Flax, from Connecticut and Detroit respectively, both live in New York and have been creating their haunting sound since 2009.

The electronic duo’s long-awaited LP (mastered by Chris Coady in NYC, who has worked with such acts as Beach House and Zola Jesus) was finally released two months ago, and it was well worth the wait. Echoes is a gorgeous, gothic synthesis of trip hop beats and R&B, featuring the stirring vocals of Tricky, Lou Rhodes of Lamb, and Sia, to name a few. On the eve of CREEP’s first show of 2014, we spoke with the two Laurens about the recording of Echoes, their ever growing live lineup, and a favorite subject of mine, film soundtracks.

CREEP will be playing live at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery tonight, January 7, with support acts ÆON RINGS and Narcisse. Tickets are available on Ticketfly.


Beautiful Savage: Has moving to Brooklyn/New York changed your sound and production?

LD: I always feel creatively influenced by my environment. I wouldn’t necessarily say that we have a “Brooklyn sound,” but I definitely think that the type of atmosphere I am in and what I surround myself with can’t help but influence my work in some way. I love living in NYC and find that it constantly inspires and motivates me.

LF: I grew a LOT in terms of production, and most of it has been in the recent years since solely concentrating on music as a living. It’s been great working with new people as well, I like to see their OCD behaviors towards production. Trading tricks is super fun.

Three of the songs on Echoes were previously recorded, but the other seven are new and each one features a talented and amazing vocalist in their own right. Can you tell us which song will be the next single and video?

LD: We just released “Dim the Lights” featuring Sia. Stay tuned for a music video directed by Thalia Mavros (she also directed our video for YOU).

LF: Yes Thalia has made our most successful video to date, so we are really excited to work with her again.

Given the different touring and recording schedules of all the featured singers and their own bands/projects, what was the recording process for Echoes like?

LD: The recording process varied for each track! For tracks like “Jessica King” and “Empty Church,” we were in the studio the whole time vocals were being recorded. Vocals for other songs like “Dim the Lights” and “Call Her” were recorded across the country, and even across the world, then we edited them in the studio here in NYC. As you could imagine, it was quite a feat wrangling 14 different singers, so we had to work in different ways to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules!

LF: It definitely helped us grow in terms of being able to mold to each singers preferences on how to work. We’ve recorded this record every which way, from a sprinter van on tour to time off in london or berlin. We were doing a lot of traveling while making this record so we became very flexible in terms of creativity.

As a huge fan of Massive Attack and Tricky, what was it like working with Tricky?

LD: We actually haven’t met Tricky! His people reached out to us after reading that we sited him as a “dream collaborator” in an interview. It was pretty surreal. I remember not believing it was true at first. Like Tricky? THE Tricky!?!!? I grew up on Tricky and it was such an honor to be able to have him on one of our tracks. He just nailed it. I couldn’t be happier with how his part came out in “Call Her.” Such haunting words.

LF: He was a very fast worker and sent us his vocals faster than anyone on the record. I too grew up with Tricky so 90s me sort of freaked out a bit when we heard from him.

Will you continue to pursue such collaborations for future releases or would you consider adding a permanent vocalist to the lineup?

LD: We are always down to collaborate! It would be cool to have a more permanent singer though!

LF: We are open for sure. I’d like to eventually start working with someone regularly but I will also always want to collaborate with more amazing singers.

If you could collaborate with absolutely anyone else (living or dead), who would it be?

LD: I would love to be able to work with Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter of Chris & Cosey. That would be a synth nerd dream come true.

LF: My dream collaborator is definitely someone that is willing to be fearless. Someone undiscovered, down to earth and fun to be on the road with. That’s my ultimate dream for us.

What kind of setup do you have for your live performances and has it changed since you started out?

LD: Our live setup is always a work in progress. It used to be just Lauren Flax on MPC and guitar, and myself on keys. Now we have a bassist, drummer, and sometimes cellist. This is definitely not the final line-up. It’s always changing, but I feel like we are starting to start to become more confident live. It’s interesting seeing the development.

LF: We have come a loooong way haha. We didn’t know how to do any of this in the beginning so it was very trial and error. I’m used to being on stage as a DJ, but it’s a whole different world playing live. I used to be scared but now I am addicted to it! I want to be more of a performer as well. It’s been a fun journey thus far.


You’ve mentioned before that you wanted to record a video with your vocalists to have them be a part of the live show that way. Do you plan on recording a video for each of the new songs and will there be possible guest appearances while on tour?

LD: We like to say that the visuals are our lead singer. Since we obviously cannot bring every guest on tour with us, we have a visual element that accompanies our live shows. It is not as cut and dry as simply having the vocalists record themselves singing each song. We collaborate with different artists on each track’s video. So they are always different and always changing/progressing. We have new live videos that we will be touring with, so look out for those!

LF: We also often have some of guests join us on stage if we happen to be in the same city. It’s really fun.

What has been one of your favorite shows to date?

LD: My favorite show was probably playing Berghain with PLANNINGTOROCK in Berlin. That venue is just crazy. I remember when PTR was sound checking I was a couple floors up in the dressing room and the bass was so intense that the glasses on the counter were rattling. The sound was so crazy!

LF: I’m with Dillard on this one. Berghain was really special. We also did Scala in London the night before and that venue was gorgeous.

Your music definitely has a very visual and cinematic quality, and the single “You” was featured in a commercial last year. Since then, have you been approached by tv or film execs to provide music for a soundtrack? Is this something that you would like to do in the future?

LD: For sure! I majored in film in college and actually first started writing music in school scoring student films on a little microKORG my dad gave me for Christmas one year. Music and film go hand in hand for me and doing more scoring projects would definitely be something I would be interested in.

LF: You will definitely see us scoring film in the future. It may actually be my true calling, as long as the movie is really depressing / emotional haha.

What are some of your favorite soundtracks/scores? If you could have scored any film, what would it have been?

LD: Assault on Precinct 13, Phenomena, Opera, Out of the Blue, to name a few. I have always been really inspired and fascinated by horror movie scores, mainly Italian ones from the 70s and 80s.

LF: Old soundtracks in the 90s get me more than ones that come out now. Romeo and Juliet and Great Expectations are what I think of off hand.

Finally, you recently did a great mix for BBC Radio 1 Xtra for Diplo and Friends. What have you been listening to lately?

LD: I have been really into some new pop and hip hop music like Cassie’s new mixtape, the new Beyonce album (especially the song “No Angel,” which was written by Caroline Polachek of Chairlift), and the new Ciara stuff.

Echoes is available now on Itunes. You can also connect with CREEP on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.