As the electronic music scene becomes increasingly saturated by young producers, it gets pretty easy to miss out on a great act. Narcisse, a bi-coastal duo comprised of Le Chev and Young Diamond, two musicians who met in elementary school and started collaborating in their teens, are making awesome beats and you should keep an eye out for them in 2014.

Narcisse is playing a show next week at Glasslands with CREEP and ÆON RINGS. We caught up with Le Chev this week and he was kind enough to tell us about his multitude of projects, his affinity for digital production, and electronic music today.

If you want to know more about Narcisse, connect with them on their official Facebook page. If you want tickets to their Glasslands show, check Ticketfly.


Beautiful Savage: Can you tell us about how Narcisse came about?

Le Chev: Young Diamond and I met in high school, actually we first met in elementary school, but we went to different schools right outside of Chicago.. We both got into music early and first collaborated on a hip-hop project together at around age 17. Years later, we found ourselves both making club music, started making a few songs together, and then realized we share a common vision of what music and performance can be.

Who are the current members? I understand Young Diamond is in LA. How do you record and remix together?

Le Chev: Narcisse is Young Diamond and me, Le Chev. He has a thing happening in LA, but goes between coasts a lot. So we work separately or trading files, and then when we can get together we try to quickly get a bunch of ideas down.

You seem to be involved in several music projects. Can you talk a bit about them?

Le Chev: I have a band called AVAN LAVA, which Young Diamond also helps write for. We also both work as producers/writers/mixers for other people, so we’re too busy all the time.

Where do you see yourself musically in the next couple of years? What are your goals?

Le Chev: Narcisse would like to finish an EP by the spring, and we have a few songs that will be released soon by Our Label Intl. and are excited to work on some more stuff. The goal for us is simple right now.

What was the first audio recording software that you used and what do you use now? Were you a fan of Fruity Loops back in the day?

Le Chev: haha! For me it was garage band. I didn’t start making computer music until sort of later in my music learning, like after I did lots of rock bands, jazz bands, latin bands… but Young Diamond was on Fruity Loops starting in 8th grade.

You’ve played Lollapalooza and other music festivals. How does the experience compare to playing more intimate shows or clubs?

Le Chev: Playing huge things like Lollapalooza and TomorowWorld (w/AVAN LAVA), you really come to respect the fact that there are certain kinds of music for every situation. Our minds were completely blown when we did Lollapalooza because we now had a need for much BIGGER, more precise material. It’s like, you’re working for a while in one language, and now you need to learn an entirely different one in order to communicate on that level. Music Festivals are VERY fun to play, because the audience shows up ready to WORK.


I really enjoyed your version of Blood Orange’s “Chamakay.” What are you working on right now?

Le Chev: Thanks! That was actually just a full cover, we completely made it from scratch. Right now, we’re mostly trying to focus on original material.

Which producers do you admire? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Le Chev: Right now we love Star Slinger, Flosstradamus, Norrit, Dubbel Dutch, Fischerspooner, Hit Boy, Slava, Deetron, XXXchange, Daniel Avery, Lauren Flax, Pilo, Uproot Andy… so many. Also, Daft Punk got us into it. We’ve got some great people around us, so we feel blessed with collaborators and friends already. Would love to make a remix for CREEP! 🙂 Gonna ask them at the show!

I was at Ultra this past March in Miami, and one of the most popular tents was the trap tent. What’s your take on the genre?

Le Chev: Trap is so fun. We love it. Anything with super loud 808 sounds is bound to be pretty good. I had the pleasure of watching our Chicago friends Flosstradamus mop up Tomorrow World in Atlanta and it was very satisfying.

Finally, favorite remix, song, or album of 2013?

Le Chev: OOO! hard one… Maybe… Dubbel Dutch “Dip So”