Queer spitter Mykki Blanco, a self-described “mixture of riot grrrl and ghetto fabulousness,” dropped a new track yesterday with Brixton-based artist GAIKA entitled “Push More Weight.” It’s disorienting, and it’s sexy. “This tune came about because Mykki hit me up on Twitter,” said GAIKA. “Real recognize real. Nuff said.”

Last week Blanco released Scales,produced by Jeremiah Meece. The track opens with an ominous sound bed and the words “I’m Solange in the elevator, better watch ya ass…” Within 24 hours it was on every music blog on the internet.

When Mykki Blanco was 16 he stole $100 from his mother's purse and ran away from home. Photo: Terry Richardson

When Mykki Blanco was 16 he stole $100 from his mother’s purse and ran away from home. Photo: Terry Richardson

Blanco (born Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.) ran away from home as at 16 and eventually found his way to New York City, dropped a book of poetry, created an alter ego, and is living a sort of Patti Smith “Just Kids” lifestyle for the millenial age. He’s a maelstrom of feral creativity who raps like a beast.

According to Collin Robinson of Stereogum “Blanco has a lot going on outside of the booth, but the bottom line is he can rap when he steps inside of it. It’s time people stop sleeping on him.” Mykki Blanco was cool enough to answer a few questions for us about his new song, his upcoming album, and his film projects.

You released Scales and in less than 2 days the song has spread to I-D, StereoGum, Pitchfork, TheFADER… basically everyplace in the universe. And it’s amazing. Congratulations! Does this mean that record you are working on with Jeremiah Meece is closer?

Yes I will be done with my studio album in the next 2 months, it’s comprised so far mostly of tracks with Jeremiah Meece and Woodkid and 1 or 2 others.

Scales is aggressive, and some of the lines bite. Can you talk about the impetus behind your new material?

Scales is a song I recorded last spring actually. It’s apart of a crop of material that won’t be on my album but that I intend to release on a mixtape. I’m not doing any big tours this year, I’ve literally planning to write and record and write and record and write and record this year. To me right now, delivering more music, new music and bodies of work for my fans means the most to me. It’s a make it or break it kind of year

Mykki Blanco for Interview / Photo - ROBBIE FIMMANO

Mykki Blanco for Interview / Photo – ROBBIE FIMMANO

How will the “personal evolution” you mentioned last week play out in your coming creative work?

I’m as soon as I could hit the road in the beginning of my career I did, 2016 makes 5 years of me “being Mykki Blanco” and my first studio album. I don’t pretend to be any kind of major label artist, I feel blessed for the notoriety and following I have but I’ve only release 2 mixtapes and 1 EP. 8 singles and 8 music videos so like I said before its time to get serious about THE MUSIC and make creating my focus, not touring or performing or being at fashion week or visiting a volcano lol

Can you discuss the creative vision behind SCALES? How did you conjure this song?

It’s just diary stuff, I don’t really have a formula for creating raps, things just come out of my mouth and my head and if they make sense together I put them in the track 🙂

Cover Design for Mykki Blanco x GAIKA "Push More Weight"

Cover Design for Mykki Blanco x GAIKA “Push More Weight”

You’re in an interesting position. As an artist, you create, and perform. But then, because of who you are, you end up being a mouthpiece for communities of people and have to cut through a lot of our cultural baggage. Do you ever think, “fuck off all of you, I just want to make my work,” or is it a part of your process?

To be honest I only try to think about what will make me happy in my personal life. When I first started living somewhat under a more “public awareness” it was a new feeling so I cared more about what others thought, people in the industry, etc. But really what’s most important is not trying to impress people, but making really good art and then making sure you’re close with family and friends.


How has your admission to being HIV positive affected your position in the LGBT community? Has it brought you closer to your audience?

I think so… I think so.

You’ve been working on a film for about a year, correct? Can you talk a bit about that? What’s it called, and what is your vision for creating a film?

I’m working with the director who directed by last video “Coke White Starlight” Tristan Patterson. Right now were creating the backstory for the character that was portrayed in that video in Greece … it’s a mixture of this Athenian underworld and my earlier life as a struggling transvestite artist from the USA.

Seems every baby boomer rockstar alive died within the last 6 weeks. Have you been affected by this? Bowie? Lemmy?

Bowie is someone I have Daddy issues with. I loved David Bowie so much at one point as a teenager I would fantasize about having an affair with him lol. I am happy he’s got this place in Heaven where he’s always belonged.

What happened to the rockstar? Did the internet kill them?

I think Pop and Hip Hop killed them.. people still feed into a rockstar mythology but I think that whole veneer has changed, Glamour is extremely attainable.

If you had to do one, but only one, of the following with Justin Beiber, which would it be?
A. Perform with him
B. Make out with him
C. Punch him in the face

None of the above, I’d ask him if he’d want to get a pedicure and go shoe shopping

Which musicians do we not know about that we should?


Blanco by Terry Richardson

Blanco by Terry Richardson