Somewhere in a bedroom in Santa Monica, California there’s a girl playing electronic instruments and chanting into a microphone. This girl is Aubrey Hart, the mastermind behind our latest sound cloud obsession, Kid Indigo. A self proclaimed “Bedroom Producer” Aubrey layers her electronic exploration with riot grrl inspired mantras and hypnotic lullaby like vocals. Her approach to music is so personal and intimate that each track is like a maze—micro-beats and layers of vocals await discovery with each new listen.


Kid Indigo started when Hart was lent an old computer from an ex-boyfriend. She used it to upload experiments to sound cloud. After gaining some followers she started to connect with other independent producers like Eganomixxxxxxxx who she now works with in studio.

Harts latest release, the 10 track LP Dyad of Larks, is a collection of sleepy dance loops. The haunting torch songs express feelings of love, abandon, longing and angst while entrancing the listener in a calm haze. The fog of sound she creates is as complex as the emotions she hopes to convey.

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