South London ginger-haired musician Archy Marshall, originally from Dulwich, claimed international street cred with his 2013 album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon and resulting European and North American tours, appearing on a series of American talk shows, and the cover of The Fader magazine last February. Krule was primed for rock royalty, if such a thing even exists anymore. But, since then he’s been relatively quiet, collaborating with friends on various projects, and with his older brother Jack on art stuffs. Basically, living the life of an artist. Musically, Marshal is difficult to pin down; he has fleeting poetry, kind of like BabyShambles front-man Pete Doherty but with bits of downtempo hip hop, darkwave, and bunch of other stuff I’m probably missing, knowing fuckall about music.


Fans of King Krule freaked out this week when he took to Instagram to announce his new project “A New Place 2 Drown” – a 208-page artbook accompanied by a full soundtrack and a 10-minute short documentary. I love the trailer. You can learn all about this project right here: