On the heels of their November, 2014 LP release Trust, the underground LA/NY musical duo 18+ launched a world tour and will play London, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Paris over the next two weeks. The band’s stark lyrical aesthetic and unsettling hip hop nocturnes have offered brother and sister duo, Justin and Samia, respectively, underground credibility since 2011. Their new single “DRY” Doesn’t disappoint.

Over the past three years, 18+ has released a trilogy of mix-tapes (M1xtape, Mixta2e, and Mixtap3) from the recesses of the internet, which lead to commissions by Prada and the Venice Biennale. The band’s audiovisual aesthetic blends themes of sexual ambiguity, isolation, and voyeurism into a slick electronic hip-hop style that’s often punctuated by undercurrents of ambient noise. Even though 18+ is about to emerge, they are extremely private, and up until recently, very little has been known about them, save a few disparate performances and their electronic releases.

To learn more head over to http://www.eighteenpl.us/

18+ Courtesy of Renata Raksha

18+ Courtesy of Renata Raksha

“The way I write and record, I’ve learned to trust intuition. Oftentimes I feel personalities come out that are suppressed in the real world, like very romantic or very angry. Things I wouldn’t say in front of people” – Samia to Dazed Digital