Whoever said all music has already been written has never listened to Ebony Bones. The British avant-garde singer-songwriter released her sophomore studio album Behold, a Pale Horse earlier this month, a show-stopping 12-song compilation that shoos away any doubt of musical originality.

Née Ebony Thomes, Bones has never been a stranger to the musical world. She attended London’s prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School with the late Amy Winehouse back in the day and was scouted as a promising 12-year-old talent by Mark Rylance, the BAFTA award-winning actor and artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Remaining unsigned, she began uploading music anonymously to MySpace including the adrenaline-pumping “We Know All About You” that eventually got picked up by BBC Radio 1 and became the station’s most played song by an unsigned artist. Named one of the “40 Men and Women Who Make London” for Time Out‘s 40th anniversary edition, Bones went on to compose the soundtrack of Yves Saint-Laurent’s campaign for Manifesto.

Now known for her onstage antics and wildly eclectic costumes to boot, Ebony Bones collaborates with The Mumbai Symphony Orchestra on Behold, a Pale Horse‘s self-titled song as well as The New London Children’s Choir on the mellower yet rhythmic cover of The Smiths’ “What Difference Does It Make.” She continues her dark, impending doom-like melodies in “I See I Say,” a more electro-inspired head-bobbing tune that layers chanting and children’s voices to drive home a similar message that snakes through songs like “Morphine For the Masses” and “While the People S.L.E.E.P.”: Open your eyes and embrace the unexpected.

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behold a pale horse

Behold, a Pale Horse is now available on iTunes.

All photos taken from the Ebony Bones Facebook page.