2012 found Wild Arrows’ Mike Law and Shiori Takenoshita hard at work on a their first LP when Hurricane Sandy blew through, decimating Law’s studio and sparing no gear nor hard drive in its tide. The Brooklyn-based duo regrouped, initially practicing on borrowed gear while taking the opportunity to discuss, refine and tweak their sound. Two years later, Law and Takenoshita are triumphantly poised to release their debut, Tell Everyone. For want of a studio the band opted to record in their practice space, waiting for the quiet, wee hours of the night to track.

Mike Law of Wild Arrows

Mike Law of Wild Arrows Photo: Joe Jagos

Apropros, there’s something nocturnal and ethereal about Tell Everyone‘s debut single “Hey Liar,” which blends dark electro-gothic riffs, outsider-pop hooks and vocal melodies that call to mind Cursive’s early work, all underscored by a foreboding lyrical asceticism.

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“Hey Liar” by Wild Arrows all music courtesy of Wild Arrows