This might strike you as odd, but listening to the incredible Norwegian electronic-music auteurs of Röyksopp is a bit like being stranded in a forest of trees that grow no leaves. There is no wind, yet the air is uncomfortably cold, and you are closed in by a series of crudely architected buildings with no windows or doors. Or, at least, the soundscapes around their tracks often evokes such a chilly atmosphere. Their latest— a B-side to their “Running to the Sea” track with fellow Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør—is called “Something In My Heart” and features singing from Jamie McDermott of London group The Irrepressibles. Regardless, the groove on this track is irresistible; stream it below.


For more on Röyksopp, check out their interactive official website. And their new album, Late Night Tales is out now. Get it here on iTunes.

Photo by: Stian Andersen