St. Vincent aka Annie Clark, New York artist and indie music’s most elusive paragon of violence and subtlety, is back with a new album. The self-titled effort, her last since 2011’s wonderful Strange Mercy, seems to continue in the vein of complex yet addictive arrangements that have become Clark’s hallmark. “Birth In Reverse” is the first taste of the new record, and Clark is more confident than ever before, combining laundry lists of humdrum activities—masturbation makes the cut, natch—with her traditionally swirling, percussive, and tense soundscape. The record is out February 25 on Loma Vista; tracklisting is below. Plus, get a load of this album cover! The hair is everything alone.


St. Vincent:
1 Rattlesnake
2 Birth in Reverse
3 Prince Johnny
4 Huey Newton
5 Digital Witness
6 I Prefer Your Love
7 Regret
8 Bring Me Your Loves
9 Psychopath
10 Every Tear Disappears
11 Severed Crossed Fingers

For more on St. Vincent, visit her official website, here.