I’m still listening to and loving Save Your Season, the latest album by Mint Julep aka Keith and Hollie Kenniff. One of my favorite tracks from the album, “To The Sea,” was recently reworked by German electronic and ambient musician Ulrich Schnauss. To create the gorgeous remix above, Schnauss sped up the dream-pop duo’s track while stretching out and echoing Hollie’s delicate vocals.

You should also watch the awesomely jittery video for the original track below. “To The Sea” was directed by A Nice Idea Every Day (Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger), who also did the video for Mint Julep’s “Aviary,” using what looks like the same visual effects: “The basic idea behind our ‘camera shift’ technique is to shoot a scene with two cameras from a slightly different angle but with the same focal point – basically like traditional 3D, but then to alternate between the two cameras in the edit to create a kind of 3D image without the need of fiddly 3D glasses,” Weyrauch and Röttger explained to Promo News last September.

Props to the directors for the last book featured in their terrific video for “To The Sea.”

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