I wish I could make music this beautiful. Granted, I wish I could make music at all, but alas, my role here is to share it with you. Omaha’s Conduits are made up of members of The Good Life, Eagle Seagull, Son Ambulance, Neva Dinova, Cursive, and The Golden Age and cite shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive as well as Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin as influences.

I was recently introduced to their self-titled debut, released in March on Team Love Records. Listening to the entire eight-track album on the way home from work the other night, I was blown away by how solid the album is as a whole. It’s rare that I can listen to an album in one sitting without wanting to skip a song.

While there isn’t an official video for one of my favorite songs off the album, “The Wonder,” you can watch a live performance filmed at The Slowdown above. As vocalist Jenna Morrison sings “Don’t forget the sky goes on forever,” she hints at the atmospheric ending to come (the gorgeous, swirling guitars at 5:00 onwards). You can stream the full album on the band’s Facebook page (the devastating closer “Well” is incredible) and listen to the album version of “The Wonder” below.