What do you get when two young, talented composers, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, join forces? A lovely soundscape called “a2” off their just released EP. I was first introduced to the German composer Frahm from his wonderful collaboration 7 Fingers with the cellist Anne Müller. Frahm, who is primarily a pianist, has now collaborated on an ambient album Stare with the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Arnalds. The second track off Stare, “a2,” is accompanied by a gorgeous, celestial video, which you can see above. When watching these visuals for the first time, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this scene in The Beach. I would definitely stargaze while listening to this.

To stream the full album which is out on Erased Tapes now, visit Drowned in Sound.

For the uninitiated, check out some of my favorites off 7 Fingers and Arnalds’ Living Room Songs.