Zun Zun Egui is the trilling Bristol UK based band, consisting of the Mauritian guitarist and singer Kushal Gaya, keyboard player Yoshino Shigihara, bassist Luke Mosse and drummer Matt Jones. Their new vibrant and artfully album “Shackles’ Gift,” released January 26 on Bella Union, is a juant from powerful rock to intense electronic sounds and African native music. “Shackles` Gift” is angular and hard to pin, while “Ruby” is misty and heavy, “Soul Scratch” leans more towards tranquility and gentleness with a dash of reggae. You’ll be listening to this for months, with its various styles, details and cultural references.

For now Zun Zun Egui is only touring the UK, but hopefully they’ll soon head across the pond to include us in their radness.


To connect with Zun Zun Egui head over to https://soundcloud.com/zunzunegui




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All images and sounds courtesy of Zun Zun Egui