When I wasn’t obsessively listening to the Smashing Pumpkins in middle school, I was listening to Garbage‘s self-titled debut album and Version 2.0. I never got the chance to see them on their Version 2.0 tour as I was too young to go to a show in 1998, according to my parents. Well, on Tuesday night, 14 years later, I was finally able to see Garbage perform at their sold-out show in Webster Hall.

This was their first New York show in seven years as part of the promotional tour for their new album Not Your Kind of People (released on the band’s own record label Stunvolume Records and available on iTunes now). Given the recent nostalgic 90s kick I’ve been on, I was delighted that more than half of the twenty-one song setlist (basically the track listing of their greatest hits compilation Absolute Garbage) included their best songs from Garbage and Version 2.0 such as my personal favorites “Milk,” “The Trick is to Keep Breathing,” and “I Think I’m Paranoid.” The only song that I wish I had heard last night was “You Look So Fine,” but hearing “The World Is Not Enough” followed by “#1 Crush” was pretty amazing.

It was really sweet to see how genuinely excited Shirley Manson was to finally perform. Manson’s vocals were strong, and she kept chatting with the fans, audience, and band members between songs. The lineup included the original members: Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig. Eric Avery (formerly of Jane’s Addiction) also joined the band on bass guitar. I felt like I was back in middle school, but in a really good non-angsty kind of way.

As part of the promotion for Not Your Kind of People, Garbage has released a series of “mini-films” to preview each of the tracks on the record. I’ve posted a couple below, and you can see the rest on Garbage’s Youtube channel. You can also check the tour listing for upcoming shows here. Atlantic City and Boston are the next stops on the East coast, so check them out if you can still get tickets (but make sure they’re not fake!)

Photos courtesy of Flickr