I’ve been a fan of New York singer-songwriter Cameron Mesirow—who performs under the Glasser pseudonym—since her debut album, 2010’s intricately-produced ethereal pop masterpiece Ring. At the time, no one was making music quite like Glasser’s; hers was a special brand of pop that recalls stark and shimmering visuals like, say, the silver tinsel on Rockefeller Center’s mammoth-sized Christmas tree. Listening to her music is like being immersed in the dream of a technicolor surrealist with a particular fondness for contrasts: one feels the warmth of Glasser’s subject matter—often, she unearths core feelings of intimacy with others and with nature—but the dynamic music surrounding her voice is like an attractive yet faraway ice castle. Like a ring reflecting sunlight, Glasser’s music is filled with every color imaginable. “Shape,” her latest from an upcoming album out in October on True Panther, seems to continue with this is mind. The video, by New York artist and director Jonathan Turner, is a mesmerizing, warping prism in slow-motion. It’s challenging to the eye, but it beautifully accompanies the (many) sonic twists and turns of “Shape.”


Here’s more of Glasser’s work, below, plus a trailer for her last album. (Full disclosure: My favorite is the video and song for “Mirrorage”)

For more on Glasser, visit her Facebook page.
For more on Jonathan Turner’s work, check out his website.