London’s hardest rocking all-female quartet has released the new video for “Husbands” from their breakout debut, Silence Yourself, and it’s a frantic panic.

This black-and-white whirlwind clocks in at just under three minutes and lead singer Jehnny Beth doesn’t miss a beat. Flashes of gut-churning imagery juxtaposed with band performances leads this video—directed by John Minton—down a dizzying path. Of course, if you were at all familiar with the lyrics to “Husbands,” you probably aren’t surprised: this isn’t an old-fashioned love song; rather, it’s a ode to ridding oneself of the things that constrain them, even if it means breaking tradition entirely. It’s a bold feminist statement of sorts: as right-wing politicians have been enclosing upon women’s bodies and even their own autonomy in their careers, their work lives, and their personal lives, this makes a strong case for breaking free from all the noise.

And if Beth’s glances to the camera aren’t steely enough (and they definitely are), repeating “God, I want to get rid of it,” pretty much clears up any confusion. Ready to break it off with the one or the thing that clearly isn’t the one or the thing? Here’s to you.



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