Lea Muses is a model, DJ, and lead singer to the indie band Far From Jumping. As a solo artist, she mixes her edgy vocals with a versatile writing style to boldly stand out in the electronic-pop genre. She has already grabbed international attention in the dance and underground scene due to the strength of her performance and vitalizing collaborations with producers such as Duke B, Todd Terry, MODABOT, and Oakademy among others.

I love to add a sultry approach to dark bass lines and ironic lyrics,” says Muses. Her voice is as captivating as her face and style. Muses is also the cover girl of renowned photographer Raphael Mazzuco’s best-selling photo book, CULO by Mazzucco. Her first EP, “Standing Room Only” (EMI and LesCinq Records), released in November 2012. Muses third project, “WARRIOR,” which is expected soon, will include artists from Paris, the UK, and Switzerland.

Her new single and music video, “Mistress,” resonates with the pain of being ignored by a lover. Muses says: “The song is for anyone who has ever had a selfish crush. It’s about letting someone know, ‘I like you, it drives me nuts, and I have to let you know I’m tired of hiding it…and I’m not going to be the other woman, so it’s your choice!” Amen. It isn’t your average love song, which is refreshing since love can be so twisted, sick, and consuming. The track evades the typical R&B pangs of regret, pain, and sorrow by remaining straightforward and dominant. She sings to him: “Don’t wanna be your mistress; no more stolen kisses. We got a vibe, so give it a try. Only got one night.”

The intimate and bedazzled visuals of “Mistress” were shot and directed by New York based photographer, Barron Claiborne who is known for his crowned portrait of Biggie and portraying his subjects from another space and time. We are lured into a North African, mirage-like fantasy as the hypnotizing sounds of a blend resembling a snake charmer sway our body along with the gilded Lea. She fixes her gaze on us, bindi intact, crowned in her royal purple sequined turban. Do not be surprised by the notion of being transported to a vast, blue sea as “Mistress” is categorized as Surf Rock x Hip Hop. Producer, Wes Mapes, lends a tribute to the Surf classic, “Miserlou,” layering it with a Mediterranean world sample. Lea’s Caribbean roots and life in coastal Netherlands guards a loyalty to her sacred ocean in her music: “I’ll have better luck rolling around in the tides . . .” (“Mistress”). She recently put out a DJ Surf Summer Mix on her Soundcloud, and will be playing a show at a Surfing Village for the Antilounge Records Festival on July 4th.

The sumptuous blend of “Mistress” lyrics and beat serves as a solid single and top contender in this day and age of experimental Pop Music. The future for Lea Muses in her solo career looks very positive and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for Summer Bonus Remixes to “Mistress”:

Mistress (Deep House Remix) on Antilounge Records The Netherlands (Sept 2014 Release)
Mistress (Mr. Basshead Remix) on Rotobeat Records Switzerland (Summer 2014 Release)

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