We came by this video the other day, and it’s a bit out of control. Egads, aka Erik Nava, is a Los Angeles-based beat producer who creates rich, textural basslines and fuses them with all sorts of DIY digital hacks. It’s kind of incredible. Nava released a full length studio album, Satelites on July 30 and is displaying some incredibly great and powerful chops in this video. Not only that, but he constructs most of his music instruments, games, visuals, and video sets. Seriously.

“I played the segments of the video live, and was mostly improvisational,” Said Nava in an interview with The Creators Project. “This was pretty difficult because the buttons were further apart than I was used to with my normal controllers. I wanted to randomly place the buttons, so I decided to map some constellations. These constellations were not supposed to be seen in the video. The animators figured it out I guess. I thought maybe it was just meant to be, so I didn’t tell them to take it out.”

Check out is game SPACE BEATS: here.