What would you film if Sigur Rós gave you funding and complete creative control? Twelve lucky filmmakers have been chosen by the Icelandic band to express their vision when listening to one of the songs from the new album Valtari.

While the directors chosen by the band are already established artists rather than regular fans–including director John Cameron Mitchell and photographer Ryan McGinley–the second video in the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment was directed by a less known name, Inga Birgisdóttir. If her last name looks familiar, it is because she happens to be vocalist Jonsi’s sister, and she also did the moving artwork for “Ekki múkk,” which was released ahead of the album. Similar to “Ekki múkk,” Inga’s video for the atmospheric “Varúð” is a static, extreme long shot; instead of the sea, however, the setting is a pair of gorgeous cliffs amidst a snowfall and shadowy figures.

Stay tuned to the official page for the next video, which will come out on June 18th. New videos in the series will be released every two weeks. You can watch the first video in the series for “Ég anda” and “Ekki múkk” below.