This spring we shared the entrancing new track by Four Tet, entitled “Jupiters“, from his new album Pink, released last month on his own Text Records. Just last week a remix of the track surfaced on Youtube, reworked by a young, up-and-coming Leeds-based musician who produces under the name Happa.

If we can think of the original “Jupiters” as a daytime affair, this rework is its darker alter ego, suited for the witching hour.  The track starts up in a fashion that reminds me of Björk’s Dancer In The Dark – the way ordinary sounds slowly shift into a pattern, transforming themselves into musical compositions. In this case, it’s an industrial complex: Motorik drums ring the piece in, coupled with hi hats that are treated to sound like steam. Clicks and clacks create a rhythmic fabric around the core elements and one can visualize walking past a factory at night, the intensity and volume of its machinations growing as you draw near. An eastern-tinged melody surfaces that is thus punctuated by brief ambient tones that color the piece and give it greater mystery and context. Ultimately, everything comes together to bring the listener to a place somewhere between urban factory sprawl and haunted rainforest. Gorgeous.

Four Tet, Jupiters (Happa Remix):

Four Tet, Jupiters (Original):