Manchester, England band The 1975 have a self-titled debut album coming in September, but until then the (NSFW) music video for their song “Sex” is now available.

When listening to the The 1975’s new song, “Sex”, an intense wave of nostalgia can’t help but ring through my eardrums. The song contains uplifting power chords in the spirit of punk. It’s reminiscent of suburban wasted youth in the late-’90s and early millenium. It conjures strong images of stoned skater kids wearing tight jeans and scuffed Vans while sipping Slurpees in front of 7-Elevens.

According to the band, the music video for “Sex” was centered around a visual reiteration of the song’s lyrics: there is drug use, collaged imagery, and plenty of skin. The scenes are dramatic and personal, capturing youthful rebellion in a universal way. Sounds ordinary enough, to be sure, that’s precisely what makes watching “Sex” extraordinary.


For more on The 1975, check out their official website.