San Francisco Post Punk / Dark Synth outfit The Soft Moon will be playing a string of US/Canadian dates this fall, including a stop at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery on September 20th.

The Soft Moon is led by main songwriter Luis Vasquez, which he founded initially as a solo project in 2009. In January of last year, he released his first full length (a self-titled LP via Captured Tracks) to much critical acclaim. Vasquez has since been joined by Justin Anastasi (Bass), Damon Way (Synthesizers), and Ron Robinson, who provides the visuals and lighting for the band’s live show. The band also recently stopped using drum machines as the centerpiece percussive element in their shows, recruiting Keven Tecon (Drums) into their ranks. As a result, their stage sound, paired with their tried-and-true electronics, is now more tribal and authoritative. We can now see a band fully realizing the treatment that their songs always begged for, offering up a much harder-hitting, ferocious execution of their compositions.

For those not familiar with The Soft Moon, they’re a unique mix of 80’s post-punk, french coldwave, and something else entirely  – an eerie, supernatural vibe that’s all their own. The songs are often driven by a backbone of repetitive, watery basslines and sparse, motorik electronic drums. Whispered atmospheric vocals and wild spectral synths float to the surface, yielding a suspenseful vibe that’s full of surprises while driving a chill up your spine. Perfect for a walk through the woods during a roaring October dusk, or as the soundtrack to the quiet parts of a city, where one is inclined to have a look over their shoulder, not just once, not just twice…It’s also nearly impossible to find any kind of empathy or really – benevolence, in these songs. They’re austere, icy, and uncompromising. It’s easy to feel as though they operate with the same stoic indifference that one would attribute to the forces of nature.

As The Soft Moon prepare their second full-length LP ZEROS (much of which has been kept under wraps), the band is remixing a track from Mogwai‘s Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will as part of the remix album Mogwai announced in June.

Meanwhile, their show at Glasslands on September 20th promises to be intimate and should not be missed. Until we have more news from Vasquez and company about the new album, check out the hypnotic video for “Circles” as well as their track “Out Of Time” below: