Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Starina just sent us a copy of her new music video, directed by Bradley W. Ragland and designed by Shamim Seifzadeh.

“I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of impassive calmness and violence. This enters my music time and time again. There’s a natural beauty in that kind of display of volatile emotions,” said Starina about creating the video for This I Know. “Sexuality was what I specifically had in mind during production. My first music video, Underdog was overtly provocative in a mainstream predictable manner. Using nudity and blood as a way to taunt and tease, I, in turn, used gender play as a way to reclaim power and authority. I wanted explore other ways of expressing my sexuality and owning my power, while staying true to the message of the song”

Music Video for STARINA
Directed, Edited and Photographed by Bradley W. Ragland
Written by Starina Catchatoorian
Production Design by Shamim Seifzadeh
Actors: Starina, Brandon Sklenar, Carter Scott and Tveen Catchatoorian