Seems like lately a lot of new synth pop male/female duos (or in this case trios) are coming out of the Northwest. Portland’s Blouse is Charlie Hilton, Patrick Adams, and Jacob Portrait. Their self-titled debut was released on Captured Tracks back in November (the group is also label mates with fellow Portland duo Soft Metals, who I blogged about a few months ago.)

Blouse has just released a nostalgic video for their track “Ghost Dream” directed by Gusti Fink and Helmut Ash Kaway. Fink and Kaway take us to a technicolor world through a donut black hole and long, twisting corridors, mashing together late 80s/early 90s computer graphics and sports clips. If you’re in the New York area, Blouse will be supporting Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven at the Bowery Ballroom on May 8.

You should also check out the video for Blouse’s first single “Into Black” below, which featured clips from Leos Carax’s 1991 film Lovers on the Bridge. The editing in this video is superb and complements the music so perfectly that I didn’t even realize the first time I watched it that it was from a film; my suspicions were raised when I realized it was Juliette Binoche running around and dancing wildly underneath the fireworks.

Here’s the original scene from Lovers on the Bridge, next on my list of films to watch.