Heather Golden and Emma Rose Jenney, the duo behind the New York City-based band Beau, grew up in Manhattan and spent their free time writing songs and recording them on their phones and playing small local venues or friends’ art shows.


Three years ago Golden and Jenney put together a set and were scheduled to play at Le Baron, a club run by the graffiti artist André Saraiva. Saraiva is a close friend of the girls and shared Beau’s tracks with Daft Punk’s former manager, and founder of the hybrid record and fashion label Kitsuné, Gildas Loaëc. When the ladies met Loaëc, “We were like, ‘How does he know we have music?’” Golden Schwalb explains. “We had a connection with him from the start.”

Beau dropped their self-titled debut EP this May, featuring five songs. The song “C’mon Please,” directed by the Los Angeles-based Nautico, is a nod to Joni Mitchell’s line “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

Beau is playing Berlin in the East Village on September 21. They have a full-length album on the way in 2016 and have enlisted Ryan McGinley to shoot the cover.


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