I’ll always remember the first time I heard Brooklyn duo CREEP. I was working at the indie radio station in college as a radio-show host, but sitting in on a co-worker’s show. I heard “Days” by them, first: spacey, menacing synths filled out with a trip-hoppy breakbeat. Then, there was the ethereal voice of Romy, singer in the xx. The London group had released a groundbreaking debut album earlier that year, pushing the boundaries of contemporary R&B into something that was all at once more intimate in an eerie, hair-raising sort of way. But that magnificent atmospheric production? All CREEP’s doing.

CREEP is the mastermind of international DJs Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard. And “Vertigo” is their latest release. The video, shot by New York director Ellen Frances, shows British singer Lou Rhodes becoming an extraterrestrial birdlike creature of some sort, multicolored talons and all, amid a dark collage of slow-motion images. And the song is a string-laden, synthpop masterpiece, buoyed by Rhodes’ chilly vocals. These disparate elements inform a sense of otherworldly escapism——a dazzling kind of dizziness. “Vertigo” is from CREEP’s debut LP, Echoes, out November 12.

Wanna see CREEP in action? They’ll be providing the music for our issue 2 launch party, on Saturday, September 14 from 8-10pm at the Lower East Side’s Hotel Chantelle. Check out the Facebook event page here, and we hope to see you there!




CREEP photos courtesy of Facebook. Photo credits for first two photos: Shervin Lainez; Pablo Tapia-Pla & Lee O’Conner.

Visit CREEP’s official website here.