Over a decade after “Liquid Music” premiered live, the experimental collaboration between electronic musician Christian Fennesz and the founder of Touch (a multimedia publishing company, label, and music publisher) Jon Wozencraft, has received an official digital release. The audio/visual project is composed of Wozencraft’s footage of the movement of water primarily in Greece over a six-year period. These visuals were used as a live projection during Fennesz’s performances on the 2001 Touch tour, and audio was later added from a live recording of one such show to create the 30 minute short film which has been screened at Tate Modern, the British Film Institute, and is now available as a .mov file on a USB flash drive here.

“Liquid Music is in some respects a laptop response to the celluloid flicker film from the 1960s – Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Stan Brakhage – Peter Kubelka’s Arnulf Rainer,” says Wozencraft. Check out the excerpt above, a synthesis of Fennesz’s static drone, glitch, and white noise, juxtaposed against Wozencraft’s blurry footage of the sea and rain.